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Lessons from Implementations

Essay? Thoughts
Making Software Choices: Lessons from Implementations Understanding your program’s scope In the realm of software development, identifying the scope of a program is paramount. Take, for example, the task of counting words, lines, and characters within a file. This seemingly simple task forms the basis of the Unix wc command, we will talk about it for the majority of this article, as it is a good example of how one should approach software design, we’ll analyze wc. Read more...

Lost in space - Journey through plain text

Me? Exploring
Embracing Simplicity: My personal thoughts on the Smoll Web (Gemini & Gopher) In the vast expanse of the digital universe, amidst the clamor of information overload, there exists a tranquil haven known as the “Smoll Web.” Here, simplicity reigns supreme, offering a serene escape reminiscent of the internet’s early days. For me, the Smoll Web isn’t just a concept—it’s a retreat into a digital past where exploration and discovery take center stage. Read more...

Go's Concurrency model - Examples | [Short article? || Bad description?]

Exploring Golang
Go’s Concurrency Features: Goroutines and Channels in Action Concurrency is a fundamental aspect of modern computing, and Go’s approach to concurrency with goroutines and channels is a testament to the language’s design philosophy of simplicity and efficiency. As a Unix enthusiast, I’ve found that Go’s concurrency model is not only powerful but also straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for concurrent programming tasks. Goroutines: Lightweight Threads at Your Fingertips Goroutines are the backbone of Go’s concurrency model. Read more...

The ultimate "Nostalgia" experience.

retroComputing entertainment windowsXP
I recently installed Windows XP x64 SP2 on a PC of mine, installed the drivers and… Everything worked correctly, which is rare for me, everything usually crashes on the first try anyway. Here are some screenshots. Below I will leave a list of programs I used to get everything working fine… I even got Windows Update working! :) [WARNING] Windows XP stopped receiving security updates long ago, use at your own risk. Read more...

Playing life in easy mode. Writing software using ChatGPT (Actually good results). [Essay?]

Essay? Life Ai
Introduction: Lately, my journey into crafting small utilities for Unix systems has been a fascinating exploration. Admittedly, my proficiency with Regular Expressions, sed, awk, and the like has always been a bit lacking. That’s when I stumbled upon a game-changer: OpenAI GPT-3.5. Little did I know how far AI had advanced until I began harnessing its capabilities. With minimal effort on my part, I found myself effortlessly crafting software. All I needed to do was provide the PseudoCode and elucidate the logic behind the operations to ChatGPT. Read more...
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